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AI iGaming Content in 2023

AI in iGaming Content

By now, you’re already beyond tired of reading about AI, and looking at our topic of choice about AI in iGaming content; we don’t blame you. Every time another biased opinion on AI comes around, we roll our eyes as well. That said, don’t miss out on our endless picks of AI-related articles, ChatGPT rambling and many other fantastic opportunities to cure insomnia.

Seriously speaking, there’s no way around it. AI is here to stay, and the gambling industry is onboarding it promptly. The main topic on the table is whether ChatGPT can help create the torrents of content required to keep users entertained while ensuring high conversion rates.

Our take on it? It cannot. Not without extensive editing and considerable fact-checking. Having experts in charge is essential unless you want to join the hordes of people putting up hundreds of new pages that will never get read. Rely solely on the tool and not on the craftsperson, and you’re bound to fail. Plain and simple.

How Can We Use AI in iGaming Content?

Small tasks are a great starting point. Wanting to clear up the table from everything that was working before and rewrite the book might not be a great idea. Not right away, at least. We have no doubt that AI will become valuable in a short span of time, but we’re not willing to let the wheel go right away.

One of our clients asked if it’d be a good idea to rewrite all slot descriptions using AI. They claimed that such content was simple, and only consumed by a small percentage of users. From our perspective, it’s a lousy idea, particularly because of hallucinations. You’re getting the wrong data and presenting it to your customers for review. Worse even, you’re creating the basis for a whole lot of misinformation across the future.

In this case, being a casino operator, would mean you’re tricking your clients while providing low-quality content. We believe it’s unnecessary to remind you of what that is and what the cost might be in the long run. We’ve spent decades optimizing content for quality, only to now be tempted by the low-cost, high-volume approach of highly fallible systems.

Not All is Lost

AI iGaming Content and Human Content Compliment Each Other

Naturally, this is our take in mid-2023. The tech simply isn’t there yet, but we know it will be. What we expect is to slowly implement the best and most valuable tools while relying on our expertise. We’ll be raising up the bar on what we already do well, except we can scale up content production. That’s not to say great content that converts doesn’t take time to create and optimize. But it will definitely take far less than it does now.

Affiliate marketing will reshape itself, and we’re yet to witness how many of the algorithms will react to the sheer number of new content. If history is something to consider, then keep doing what you already do well. Credibility, particularly in business and search engines, is something that is slowly conquered.

We’re certain that a thousand new AI-crafted pages won’t change this scenario overnight. What we’re aiming for is to help answer your needs with the aid of the latest technology available. But that is something we’ve always done, only now we’re looking at it from a completely different angle.

The Bottom Line

If you’re an iGaming business creating content for whichever purpose – informative, conversion, advertising – don’t give up on the traditional methods just yet. Content agencies are rapidly adapting to AI and testing new tools. We’re not sold on the argument that a chatbot can replace a writer just yet, simply because it can’t. Not on the level we aim at, and not even close.

Moreso, we’re looking at ways to further optimize and respond to specific needs. Our agency works with gambling content in Portuguese, but also several other angles of content marketing. That means we’re using several approaches in different projects and finding what’s most valuable for the future.

What this means for you and your business is that we remain at the edge of some of the finest content marketing services out there. A small agency, a simple website, but a fantastic team behind the screen. If you feel like these principles belong with your next igaming content needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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