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Hiring a Freelancer: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid (AI Generated)

Hiring a Freelancer: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re a business owner, a small agency or simply a busy freelancer yourself, hiring a freelancer to help you cope with an increasing

AI vs Human - A Dog Wearing an Astronaut Suit (AI-generated)

Who is Winning the Content Writing Race: Humans or AI?

Let’s start with the essential: AI is here and nothing will ever be the same. In recent years, we have seen a rising need for digital marketing

Interview With Our Content Manager

Fast-forward Interviews: 10 Hot Questions for a Content Manager

Marco Valente has been in the content marketing game for over ten years. His Marketing degree dates back to the dark ages, or what he likes to call

AI ChatGPT and Content Marketing

What is Auto-GPT and How It Will Impact Content Marketing

2023 started with enormous hype surrounding artificial intelligence and Auto-GPT is now making the news. ChatGPT, in particular, shocked the world

Content Marketing Portuguese

The Importance of Adapting Content to Portuguese

Do you want to reach out to Portuguese-speaking markets but are struggling to connect with the audience? Don’t worry because we’ve got

Mobile App Brazil Localization, Woman Smiling, Wearing Brazil Colors

Localizing Your App for the Brazilian Market: 5 Essentials

Have you considered releasing your mobile app for the Brazilian Market? Brazil is one of the largest and most promising tech markets in the world,

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