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ChatGPT and How Human’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

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In the past few weeks, we’ve been abundantly flooded with articles, opinions and LinkedIn posts about ChatGPT. OpeanAI’s wonder was unleashed upon the world and the hype took over like wildfire. Some of our forever favourites include instant masters in the art of using the language model to its full potential. All while surely deploying a rather exciting webinar and training course with limited seats. We’ve seen this drill all too many times, so forgive us for smiling at the concept.

Content agencies such as ours embrace technology. They always have and will remain the spear’s head when it comes to adapting, developing and remaining relevant in whatever modern world we have before us. We started typing words on blogs and articles, all while building webpages before the turn of the century. We won’t beat around the bush: those were rough times, but fun ones too. Knowing a bit of HTML was part of any simple job description and an immediate tag of nerd or genius, depending on your social circles.

That perspective allowed us to witness the birth and death of incredible platforms. Myspace? We were there. Blogspot? Naturally. Yahoo? Was there any other? mIRC? Technology changes – that’s what it does. All while the human – that’s us – is still here. So, the news of our death has been greatly exaggerated. Whether or not we are before our very end is a whole different conversation for another time and, perhaps, our own webinar if we lack any fresh ideas.

While AI is making a huge impact in the world, we reflect on what it means to digital content distribution. We are certain the creation process will never be the same, and to remain relevant, we test multiple ways to expand our collaboration with AI tools. Let’s see how ChatGPT and the next language models can help us create better, more engaging content – and leads.

ChatGPT Isn’t Quite There Yet

ChatGPT Main Screen

The number of companies dropping experienced copywriters and content writers for ChatGPT reflects how sometimes people get ahead of themselves. Everyone knows AI can write pages and articles in seconds. It can make it according to endless inputs and definitely mould content into whatever you want it to be. Ironically, many of those companies are asking people to return, given the overall poor results they’re getting from solely relying on the software.

In case you’ve been sleeping for the past 10 years, audiences are already overexposed to content. Such is the case that what they look for are authority and a deeper, personal connection. It seems ironic that the further we move into technological grounds, the more we search for human storytelling. Big brands know it better than anyone and continuously experiment with the things that make us tingle.

Hand out that very same request to AI and you’ll have an endless output of repetitive, machine-like talk that will have its lunch taken by even the most junior copywriter. Are we having a go at ChatGPT? Not at all. Perhaps the focus has been misplaced and hysteria took over, initially. In the meantime, artificial intelligence will expand into becoming a valuable partner and yes, another subscription we’ll have to pay for every year.

Top Secret Tip: AI Has Been Around for a While, You Just Haven’t Noticed

Apple's Siri Assistant

A phone which finishes your sentences. A voice assistant that does shopping for you. A robot vacuum that knows where and when to clean. A car which keeps you from crashing. The list goes on and it’s definitely not getting shorter. While it’s impossible not to think of AI as Skynet’s foundations – have a word with ChatGPT about it and you’ll have a laugh – it offers endless solutions to our human limitations.

Internet search models are equally adjusting. Bing is rapidly catching up with the competition and making an effort to become relevant. We got an early invitation to test it and find it quite fun, as you get an AI-assisted language model to help you grab better search results. How SEO will impact the functioning of these models is yet to be seen, but we already have a theory: by providing useful, unique content. We won’t say it’s the sort of quality content services we provide, but you definitely get the hint.

With further integration, assistants powered by language models will be able to teach us, provide us with endless solutions to mundane – and complex – issues and move our knowledge to a whole new level. What will become of the human and its ability to think, solve and learn is yet to be seen. But let’s be optimistic for a moment here and look at education:

AI can soon become a high-performing tutor, at home or anywhere in the world, identifying and adjusting to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. All while developing unique study plans to ensure each student reaches their full potential. It’s not too far off, and that’s one of the many reasons why top Universities aren’t immediately placing a ban on technology such as ChatGPT.

How AI Will Shape the Content Business in the Next Few Years

Content Marketing Will Remain Human for the Time Being

As we mentioned, AI is already changing the content marketing business. High-volume content where quality and depth aren’t the main priority already relies on the current ChatGPT engine. Google mentioned it won’t disapprove of AI-generated content, but the same principles of quality, relevance and uniqueness will remain a priority. Experience, unique points of view, and in-depth knowledge of real, human issues are areas where AI will face true difficulties in thriving.

While we write these words, no AI tool is available to the general public which can emulate some of the top content on any topic out there. While websites may try to gain authority through insane content volume output, we prefer to be on the other side of the fence.

As a result, we can’t tell you what’s best for your business, unless you’re after the specific solutions we offer. If you’re a one-man effort without a budget attempting to become relevant online, then the current language model can help deliver an endless torrent of content. Whether or not it will be relevant to your audience depends on how well you know it. Not less importantly, your interaction with AI will lead to a wide span of results: from frustrating to average.

For medium-sized businesses that cater to a wider audience, human content is still king – pardon the washed-up expression. The reason is that true connections are established throughout the whole conceptualization and creation processes. These will eventually be deployed with a well-founded strategy, and one which is set to bring you results over time.

How We Use ChatGPT

Fun Team Working

We have been curious about AI for a while now. If you remember well when we mentioned our adventures in the early days of the Internet, it’s also worth mentioning a few of us developed our own language models. These were rudimentary, scripted programs that would attempt to emulate human answers.
 It’s therefore no wonder we’re fond of ChatGPT and everything that will follow. Our business relies on building ideas from the ground and making them come true. Whether we’re talking about bringing fresh content to a website or an authority article, AI can assist us.

 Here’s how:

 1. Chipping in with some fun ideas. Humans can’t think of 100 points of view in seconds, but AI can. So, we sometimes randomly ask it for suggestions and work from there.

2. Fact-checking. ChatGPT has been infamously known for sticking to its facts when, in fact, they’re no such thing. We double and triple-check anything we’re not completely certain of, but the language model is very cool when it comes to reminding us of details on topics we dominate.

3. Structuring new approaches. We have some really cool templates and models to ensure our content hits high marks, but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting. AI brings a machine-based perspective to the table and in a high-tech world, that’s always welcome.

4. It’s fun. Use it to learn and test your own concepts, or simply to rate simple processes such as writing, SEO or to see if you skipped something. It’s a valuable partner when used right.

These aside, we rarely use ChatGPT at work. Perhaps in the future, its implementation will become irreplaceable. We know businesses that refuse to adapt tend to fall into obscurity, and if something helps us serve our clients better, we’re in it for the long run. We’ll keep you updated, unless you contact us and hear the Hasta La Vista, Baby sentence in the background.

Our Content Services

The Terminator and the Rising Threat of AI

Ours are still human content services, with men and women that love to read, learn and write in front of a screen. All while learning your business in detail and finding ideas that will work. We’ve been paying attention to specific needs and creating unique solutions that resonated with audiences. That’s what we do, day in, day out.

As long as we remain relevant and can deliver results, we know our clients – existing and new – will remain with us for the long run. We have no issues whatsoever in letting them know when and how we use AI to assist us in achieving better results. So far, those are very residual, but we’ll certainly keep you up-to-date with our experiences and its outcome.

In the meantime, feel free to contact our team and tell us about your content marketing needs. We do operate in Portuguese-speaking markets, but we also provide authority content in English-based worldwide businesses. All it takes is a good old-fashioned hello, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ 

We know you can’t get enough of our classic Frequently Asked Questions section. Here, we make up questions which we answer ourselves to make us sound smarter. Don’t take our sense of humour as a reflection of our lack of professionalism: we still know our way around content marketing. Here’s our take on how The Terminator will start looking after your website before wiping us all out.

Is AI good at content marketing?

Currently, it’s a good partner to build upon concepts and ideas. We don’t rely on AI such as ChatGPT and other language models to do the writing for us. Experience in our niches is something we value and so do our clients. The results speak for themselves.

Isn’t it cheaper to use AI to write my pages?

Yes, it’s incredibly cheaper to use AI to write your pages. In fact, you can write content for free with tools such as ChatGPT. We suggest using it only for simpler content needs and not to create authority pieces. Audiences react far better to content that is written by humans, for humans.

Will AI replace writers, translators and general marketers?

Perhaps, to an extent. We assume that high-volume content where quality isn’t a priority will be the first to replace human writers with AI. However, replacing human experience, deep understanding of pain points and creating a lasting, impactful relationship with your audience is unlikely for a piece of software.

Can I try AI to produce content for my business?

Sure, AI tools are widely available to the public and you can use them quite quickly. You can register with ChatGPT and try it yourself. Some of our clients tried it with success to create simple pages, but we suggest strong edits and fact-checking before you publish anything.

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