Content in Portuguese: Why it Matters

Content in Portuguese: Should You Care?

There is definitely a bias in this rhetorical question. Our brand says it all, and Portuguese Content was born out of the firm belief that businesses of all niches and sizes can use quality Portuguese content. We don’t even mean to exaggerate. Over the years, our team had the privilege of working with some of the world’s best. Think about some of the brands you use in your household, services you subscribe to, and we certainly had our hand in it at some point.

We constantly remind our potential partners what’s at their reach: 250+ million customers in what we consider an underexplored market. Unlike English-speaking markets, SEO metrics are up for grabs, ensuring a brand or service becomes relevant much faster. That’s not to say fantastic professionals aren’t operating in the Portuguese markets. There are, but most of them operate on a local mindset and haven’t been constantly pushed to the extremes large global brands expect.

In most niches, we observe a 5-digit growth within a few months, reflecting the digital El Dorado we are so keen to help develop. Naturally, we can only develop as much content as our partners require. In some cases, that means large brands are very specific, while smaller businesses are very budget-conscious. Even considering ourselves a very affordable service, we struggle to find the middle term when it comes to becoming the #1 search result in all markets.

Most importantly, we don’t position ourselves as an SEO Agency. We know the tricks of the trade, and bet mostly on high-quality, relevant and well-researched content. User intent means the world to us, resulting in a long-lasting online presence that becomes a reference associated with your product, or service.

The Cost of Crafting Content in Portuguese

Content in Portuguese for a Broader Audience

If you’re based in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Dubai or any of the largest EU economies, you’d think of our services as a too-good-to-be-true deal. We remain a competitive all-rounder much thanks to a global team that operates on a 100% remote basis. We don’t need the fancy office to show you how good we really are. Instead, we tend to bring up a graph or two where organic growth brought small businesses to a “more than we can handle” status.

Investing in content is now absolutely essential. A constant torrent of content keeps your audience engaged, and feeds the best that is global online sales. If your competitors aren’t sleeping on this matter, you can’t either. Considering quality content takes time, effort and skill, the only credible option is hiring a content team that’s got your back.

You’ll rarely hear us mention how great we are, but we are certainly a solid investment. Our team has thousands of web pages under their belt, with an equal measure of conversion. When it comes to Portuguese content, you can rest assured we know how to deploy your message regardless if you want to make it relevant in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, or even to the smallest of communities in Macao or West Timor.

Portuguese Content Prices & Process

Content in Portuguese Services Prices and Process

But let’s talk rates for a moment, as you probably know, content services are rather expensive per norm. We often mention our content services start at 30€/USD/hour. This will get any business just about enough to float. Content writing, copywriting, content management and translation with a flair for localization. To keep it simple, we don’t dissociate our hourly rate from the category of services you require. Structured content services and projects start at 5,000€/USD/month and can include all of the previously mentioned metrics.

How do we guarantee the quality, you ask? We developed several processes after working with some of the world’s best advertising agencies and brands. Our current content production process sees a 3-step QA (Quality Assurance) before delivery. Once the client checks it, we offer two rounds of revision, regardless of how long it takes us to adapt the content to your requirements.

Believe it or not, most agencies don’t care enough for the process to put themselves out there as our team does. Even though the vast majority of our partners are extremely happy with our services, sometimes we may be the wrong fit for numerous reasons. If that’s the case, we’re usually the first to realize it and draw it to your attention. In that very same sense, we rarely charge for services provided as a measure of good gesture. More than a business, we are a team that shares solid ethical principles.

How Can I Get My Content in Portuguese?

The first step to get content in Portuguese is by contacting our team. Let us know who you are, what you do and what you’d like to see. We usually reply in a few hours, regardless of how busy we are. We value your time and respect it, meaning we’ll either present a quick solution or point you in the right direction.

If you’re happy with our initial introduction, we’ll ask you for further details regarding your expectations. One of our team members will schedule a call with you to realize what you’ve done already if you’re only starting and learn more about your specific requirements. If all goes well, our research team will start looking at the relevant metrics and define a course of action.

We’ll keep you constantly in the loop, and once details are set, we often create a content plan/content strategy. It’s a roadmap of content and its deployment aimed at making the most of your time and budget. Sometimes, you don’t need to create hundreds of individual pieces of content as long as you create a smaller yet more relevant amount.

Before anything is posted, we will run it by you for fine-tuning. We still do that with long-term clients that absolutely trust us, considering it’s their platform and we’re their partners. Eventually, and if you trust us enough, we may be given the privilege of more autonomous cooperation, even though we’ll send constant updates.

Finally, we’ll keep monitoring the performance of all content created for your platform. That means focusing on what works well, while improving underperforming content. We also believe in repurposing content overall, which means you can and should find deployment opportunities across broader channels, including social media.

Who Are Our Clients?

Content in Portuguese Global Clients

There are very few niches we don’t – or are yet to – work with. Our backgrounds are so diverse that we are even successful in English-speaking niches where we face extreme competition. Most areas are yet to see Portuguese-speaking platforms, and those that have, such as e-commerce, fail short of meeting minimum quality requirements.

If you opt for a low-cost approach to Portuguese content, you’ll hardly find the conversion rates you’re after. Poorly localized content meets a deathtrap, much like typos across a large blog post, or irrelevant information spread across multiple media channels. We realize this because we’re also consumers within our own markets, and are faced with poorly adapted content all the time.

As a result, our portfolio comprises businesses and services that wish to reach their Portuguese-speaking audience. We’ve localized apps and tech landing pages. There are online casinos in Brazil that have our words in them, along with some of the most fun slots and table games you can find. We’ve looked after Apple’s extremely popular how-to guides, helping small businesses with their e-mail marketing, translating gaming content and are even proud to assist individuals that have a small business but don’t have the budget for high-quality content.

Our clients are people like you and ourselves. Those that want to make the most of their time, and use the power of words to inspire a whole audience. We are always keen to make those dreams come true, while crafting some of the most relevant Portuguese content you can find. We leave it much up to you on whether 250+ million people are a market share your business can afford to keep ignoring.

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