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Who is Winning the Content Writing Race: Humans or AI?

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Let’s start with the essential: AI is here and nothing will ever be the same. In recent years, we have seen a rising need for digital marketing strategies for empowering businesses. In fact, digital content marketing is a booming industry, with incredible growth figures expected until the end of the decade.

If we ask: “How exactly are you planning to market your business for the Portuguese-speaking markets?” You will likely draw an entire advertisement strategy built by your team’s digital marketer. That strategy will probably include an email marketing setup, a social media plan, and a blog schedule, at the very least – if not more. To make the most out of all your targeting channels, you need high-quality content. Well, who hasn’t heard that generalist line before?

The real confusion is no longer restricted to what kind of content generates maximum leads for your business; instead, business owners and their digital marketing teams are now unsure of whether human-written content is what they need. OpenAI’s jaw-dropping wonder, ChatGPT, has taken the online world by storm due to its exceptionally mind-boggling human-like capacities. This has forced businesses to analyse their content development strategies once again.

What is AI-based Content?

The AI Revolution (AI-generated)

Simply put, AI-based content is the new range of content that is created via the implementation of AI-powered bots and tools. Thus, this means that the changing face of technology has spread its tentacles to the creative world. Of course, writers aren’t happy about it. The recent addition to to the AI-content generation tools list is Jasper AI and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The ChatGPT tool uses a language-based model that answers all human queries by gathering all information and insights, that too, in a matter of seconds. Drawing up long-form content pieces, blog articles, or even food recipes is no big deal for this impressive AI tool.

As you’ve correctly guessed, the only question remains: “Will ChatGPT and other such tools replace content writers soon?” We bet that they won’t. But we are sure that it will totally transform the existing content-creation process. In a good way, of course.

You might ask, “How?”

Well, do you remember when AI photo-editing tools first launched? Or when you started using AI filters on your photos before releasing them on social media?

That is precisely how ChatGPT will revamp the entire content development process. It won’t be in complete charge of it, but it will thoroughly enhance the process. So, it can’t replace the originality or individuality of humans, but it will surely be put to more use in the near future. Long story short, there’s too much hype surrounding it, but even top agencies and writers are still relying on the same: their extensive knowledge of the game.

What is Human-Written Content?

The pieces we read in newspapers and blogs on a daily basis are examples of human-generated content. These are drafted with the intent to communicate and reach out to a specific audience or the public in general.

Human-written articles help connect more with the audience as they have a personal touch to them. You relate more, you form opinions which cannot be formed on the basis of stats and figures alone, so it helps you engage more with the target group. And, in the context of a flourishing business, that means ample lead generation.

The temptation to replace Humans with a simple and cheap AI tool is real, or all too real if you’re a small business owner. But as you may come to realize, even the most mundane content marketing requires more than a Language Model can offer. It requires years of experience and knowledge of several tools, software and metrics. Plus, performance comes from an analytic Human mind, which will then repurpose or reroute the content towards better results – and growth. So far, Artificial Intelligence can’t replace Humans.

Contrasting AI-Generated Content and Human-Crafted Content

AI Content Idea Generation (AI-generated)

If you write daily content pieces, you know the amount of time it takes to draft new articles each day. To stand out from the crowd, you need to conduct quality research to write highly informative and engaging content. So the time requirement also rises. The biggest advantage when it comes to using AI-based content pieces is the speed with which they can be drafted.

You frame the topic, and that’s all. The tool does the rest for you. Moreover, OpenAI claims that ChatGPT frames content packed with reliable information from the web while being grammatically consistent and top-notch. So the fact that businesses are using the tool to develop content lately is not at all shocking. Then again, AI hallucinations are real and even top developers such as Google and Microsoft are trying to come to terms on why they happen.

The “Quality Content” Debate

It’s hard to define quality content marketing or, particularly, high-quality content writing, if the AI makes strong claims that are false. Once Google crawls those pages and finds the inconsistencies, you’ll find yourself worse off than before.

Truth is, AI provides a cost-effective solution by crafting personalized content pieces in bulk. Thus, each article doesn’t have to be written manually. Moreover, tools like Content at Scale frame articles by scanning the search engine’s top pages, seeking the keywords and implementing them in your article to form articles that rank better. We still prefer to use an SEO expert who knows their way around each market, rather than the implementation of the metrics on their own.

On the other hand, the expenses of human content writers are greater due to the massive amount of time and effort they spend on each piece. However, unlike AI articles, the articles they provide are not flat. In fact, the articles have higher desirability due to the personal human touch they bear. They reflect on the personal experiences, points of view, and personal opinions of the writers.

The first lesson you learnt in your computer books when you were a kid mentioned how computers are versatile machines that can multitask and still not be tired. Well, that holds true for any form of AI. In contrast to humans who need frequent breaks and who have varying productivity levels throughout the day, AI does not require breaks.

AI: Increasing Productivity and Not Replacing Human Experience

Do you remember the time when you logged into your computer and simply stared at the screen for half an hour? Well, you never know when writer’s block starts setting in and ruining all your attempts at framing quality article pieces. But, an AI-powered tool never faces this issue. Since they are highly versatile, you can expect a constant productivity level 24/7. Moreover, AI can easily spot any grammatical or punctuation errors that persist in an article, delivering flawless pieces of writing. So, humans have to take the help of AI tools like Grammarly to correct their articles and streamline writing whenever necessary. 

The greatest drawback of AI-generated articles is their lack of originality. Most AI tools draw insights from existing content pieces on the web, and in an attempt to rank better, they usually become repetitive. On the other hand, every human writer reflects on their own experiences to develop articles that uniquely appeal to the audience. And, in the context of business, appealing content can lead to thriving business in no time.

Human Considerations Still Matter

In your process of brand development, you need to develop a brand voice that clearly communicates what your business is and what it strives to be. The brand voice should reflect your business’s ideals, goals, and values. And there is no debate regarding the fact that human writings tend to do it better and in a more accurate manner.

Since AI-written articles are reliant on specific parameters and developed on pre-existing datasets, it sounds mechanical (which it is, of course). So, it fails to resonate with the audience since it lacks any feelings. No one can argue against the fact that emotions drive humans, and you must remember that the ones reading the pieces on the other side of the screen are humans. Hence, you must essentially stir those feelings in human hearts to appeal to your audience and heighten your business.

Since you are selling your Portuguese product or service to humans, you must optimise your content pieces, keeping the general public and your specific target audience in mind.

When to Use Which?

AI Idea Generation (AI-generated)

The greatest concern that business owners face is whether they should purchase annual subscriptions to AI-writing tools or hire human content writers to do the job. Unfortunately, we can’t provide the answer. You need to assess your business to come to a conclusion regarding what you should choose. It is necessary to understand your business requirements first.

Even though the hype around new tech inventions is booming forever, business owners are sceptical about using newly launched AI tools. But the truth is that these tools come to the market after going through various experimental phases. So, they are perfectly safe and reliable options for you to try. But you must understand when to use what.

“I’ll do It Myself”

If you are a lone wolf just starting out on your business venture with a limited budget, you can use AI-tool subscriptions to get optimised content in tune with your product or service. It’s easy to generate suitable captions for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. You can focus your entire creative and entrepreneurial energy on the more vital business elements and leave the less significant bits to AI in an effort to save both time and energy. Make it your companion on the journey but ensure it only assists you – not replace you.

An already established brand looking to market a new product should hire a human writer. Humans have an inherent capability of storytelling that AI tools can’t match. Machines cannot really have emotional capacities, regardless of their ability to emulate a few. To launch a new product, use customer reviews for your previous products that clearly narrate to your audience how you create ingenious items. Market them as the reasons why they should pick your new product. No matter how hard you try, it will be impossible for any AI-powered tool to come up with such experience-driven content.

Also, you know details about your business that machines can never learn. Your business’ key strengths, USPs and capacities to deliver the best products or services. Hence, highlighting these crucial features in your blog content or social media posts will be an easy task for you. So we hope you understand why a personal human touch is vital to any piece of content you brew.

Our Suggestion to Business Owners

Being in the content business for quite some time, we know the knicks and picks of the industry. So we suggest you not entirely rely on AI tools to frame article pieces. On the other hand, you should not just limit your content writers’ team to personal brainstorming sessions. Just like a sundae tastes better when you mix two complementary flavours, your content quality amplifies when you mix both techniques. Hence, you should follow what we do. Simply use ChatGPT or any other AI tool to magnify your content team’s expertise.

Take the tool’s help by letting it do what it does best: collecting information, but make sure you fact-check. Embed more figures, stats and informative insights into your articles to improve their quality by making AI your writing pal. Boost human virtues of creative thinking with AI tools to brainstorm ideas and pitches, create outlines and increase writing speed to set new heights of efficiency in your work process.

In this manner, you use the best of both techniques to draft unique content pieces for your site that are ideally suited for your business and reflective of the ideals and values your firm stands for. Finally, remember that your target audience is people with emotions and feelings. So, communicating with them in a convincing way, just like our team does, will encourage them to try your product or service is of utmost importance.

As businesses, if you stay afraid of emerging technology trends and fail to upgrade yourself to new technological advancements, you will lag behind. Instead, embrace technology, innovation, and AI, making them your digital and marketing growth partner.

In Whose Favour Do the Scales Tip?

Well, it is inherently difficult to put explicit scores and compare human and AI writings. However, your business requirements and objectives will determine what you should use; because your content must be streamlined to fit your Portuguese content needs. While Humans vs. AI is the recently emerging problem, the solution is Humans plus AI. As the famous saying goes, “There’ll be two kinds of writers in the future. Those who work with AI and those who are looking for jobs.” We need both elements to thrive better in a way that everyone does their bit.

Our team stays updated in the technology field, and we adapt ourselves to deliver the best results to our clients. Though we deliver human-written articles belonging to your respective niche, we use AI tools on thhe side to help your business reach new heights. So, we perform what we are best at and use AI as a complement to ensure your new Portuguese-speaking business thrives!

Our Take on AI

We hope you enjoyed this walk down the AI vs. Human lane. It’s yet the early days, and everyone is finding their place accordingly. If you’re wondering, we still tap keys as fast and as professionally as before. Our research methodologies remain intact, and we haven’t found replacement for our knowledge of localization, SEO and even how to structure content according to our clients’ needs.

Still, we remain open, and we’re leveraging areas with the help of AI. It’s no different than opening Google and inputting our ideas into it to see what surfaces. The difference lies in speed and how we interarct with the technology, plus the ability of our team to articulate all these metrics. The way we see it, we’re now better, more productive and better equipped to help your business.

Plus, we don’t see content writers getting replaced anytime soon. For generic content, yes, but the internet is filled with it already, so you’re only adding to the pile. Audiences want to know what it feels like to own a product or how their human experience using a service will solve their problems or not. There’s far more to content marketing than tools or particularly, AI-boosted processes. There are still human hearts beating on both sides of the fences.

Get in touch today to get the best of both worlds. We can’t say where everything is headed yet, but we can promise it won’t be boring!

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Do you use AI tools to create content?

Yes. This article has several AI-generated images, for instance, but all the content is human-written. Our team may use LLMs for structure and idea generation, but they still take their hands-on approach. If a client doesn’t want us to use AI in any of our processes, that’s fine, we’re happy to work with or without AI tools.

Will AI reshape the way content agencies operate?

Yes. It will not only reshape content agencies, but several other areas of our lives. We remember when offices had typing machines and piles of paper, and we got used to seeing flatscreens and keyboards. We used to rely on libraries and endless books to get information, facts. Now we have it 24/7 in the palm of our hands. As technology moves forward, we move along. Content agencies still have a place in the world now, and the more they know how to cater to the Human experience, the better.

Will content writers be replaced by AI?

Content writers will be replaced by AI if they remain generic. Generic content is easily created by AI, and we could debate forever on whether it reads like it was written by a machine. Most content writers who tried this tech have not taken the time to master AI prompts. With the correct interaction, AI can emulate style, TOV, or even mood. Learning how to master those inputs is likely to be more important than writing the same thing over and over again.

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