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Copywriting in Portugal – The Importance of the Right Delivery

We often debate the importance of copywriting in Portugal, even though Brazil is one of our key markets – we’ll leave that for the next one. There are fantastic content agencies providing content in our language, but we frequently feel like something’s lacking in their message. Most of these work with Portuguese companies exclusively FOR the Portuguese market.

The main issue becomes apparent when many lack the experience and agile procedures to provide relevant content in Portuguese for companies based abroad. Our target audience lies there, outside our borders, and our experience working with brands and businesses worldwide proves just that.

Why the right copywriting in Portuguese matters

Portuguese Content Copywriting Services Have Ages of Experience on our Portfolio

We’ll start with a simple example without naming the actual company. Business X, as we’ll call it, is based in Barcelona. They have an active presence in Portugal, both through physical stores, as well as a high-revenue website. Users can buy and sell products through their portal and benefit from discounts. They are active on Social Media and send out several newsletters throughout the month.

Their main issue? They do not have Portuguese-speaking native copywriters nor do they outsource this content to a trustworthy partner.

The result? Much of their content arrives off, with Spanish mannerisms, wrong punctuation, grammar mistakes, and several structural issues.

Being nice as we are, one of our representatives messaged their Marketing manager to let them know about such issues. At no moment did we intend to sell our services but, instead, point out obvious issues that would negatively impact their brand. Months have passed and the brand is making the exact same errors.

If this was your company, would you feel alright about it? Do you believe Portuguese-speaking customers accept that copywriting in Portugal shouldn’t be a priority for the brands they buy from?

How we can fix your Portuguese copywriting

Portuguese Content Tech Team Goes Medieval - And Confuse About Screens

We understand if you’re worried about cost. We worry about costs all the time, ensuring our business is sustainable, while still providing an excellent service. Perhaps Portugal and Brazil aren’t even a priority, even though we often cover the diversity of opportunities in these huge markets.

If you don’t want to compromise with a product like ours, we’ll still happily point you in the right direction. There are some basic solutions you can implement yourself, or you can rely on our services on a simple consultant nature with no compromise. Our main goal is to elevate the quality of content that businesses based abroad bring to Portuguese-speaking nations.

As users ourselves, we’re often faced with a lack of quality in this department. Believe it or not, even Fortune 500 companies make such mistakes. While we understand these may still be profitable in our countries, they’re surely damaging their reputation when not adopting the right Portuguese copywriting principles.

You get only one chance to make a great, lasting impression. We hate to see how frequently companies do the exact opposite.

Great Portuguese copywriting services equal better results

While we’re far from promising you skyrocketing sales and millions engaging with your brand, we do know a thing or two about SEO. The way your brand communicates matters. The way you position and structure your content matters. And in any case, your copywriting in Portuguese also matters, particularly if you’re looking to enter or grow in such markets.

Sometimes, all it takes is a partial rewrite of your content. Others, we need to reconsider how the information flow comes across. In many cases, the landing pages or main websites you use in other markets work great in Portugal and Brazil. That’s not to say you should opt for an automated translation or the next best thing.

We’ve provided copywriting services in Portuguese for several brands with measurable success. Our clients will always benefit from our services, but also our constant advice on how to further improve their online presence.

How we process your copywriting in Portuguese

Portuguese Content Team Fixing Your Copywriting Issues

A simple message goes a long way, and you can use our old-fashioned contact form to get in touch and share your ideas. Even if you’re not quite sure about your needs, we can help you understand whether you’re already doing the right thing or need some work along the way. Again, no compromise.

If you want to retain your core message, our localization experts are by our side to help deliver the best of two worlds – Portuguese copywriting and Portuguese localization. All without spoiling user intent or defiguring your brand. We won’t simply translate materials as many do, but instead, provide your message with a local life of its own.

We’re frequently receiving new requests for copywriting services in Portugal and Brazil, which means we already possess the means and experience to look after your needs. After a few analysis, we’ll estimate how long we need to take care of your project and send out a free quote. These projects can be done globally for an entire platform, or a simpler case-by-case process. Plus, we’re happy for you to test-run our team before committing, all for a smaller fee.

You’ve found the right team to look after all your Portuguese Content needs. The ball is in our court now, so do feel free to message us and we’ll get back to you faster than it’ll take you to pronounce otorrinolaringologista (otolaryngologist).

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