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Crypto Content: How-to Guide

Crypto: Bitcoin and Market Graphics Showing its Performance

We are big fans of crypto content, blockchain technology and all that’s slowly driving us towards Web3. Our team is composed of unique personalities from all spectrums and nationalities, so it’s no surprise some are suspicious while others are enthusiasts. Overall, we’d say the early adopters win by a comfortable margin. We have NFT owners, smashing crypto portfolios and even those that follow pet projects on a daily basis.

But as a content team, where do we stand on web3 content, crypto content and the likes? Well, even those who aren’t keen on adopting the technology anytime soon are becoming well-versed in its potential. It seems that once you understand what can come from it and materialize these concepts into simpler, practical form, you can indeed defend their case.

We believe crypto and everything web3 will gain more adherence once people start understanding it in simpler terms. There are, indeed, some solid steps ensuring it transits from an alternative dimension to our daily economy. From top finance companies to governments, there has been considerable effort in establishing crypto as a valid form of value. We keep thinking of these as “coins”, but it’s important to realize it’s far more than that.

As far as crypto content goes, it’s’ important to explain what, why, and when. If the public keeps perceiving these assets as merely financial, we still have a long way to go. Clear messages can help here. There’s more than meets the eye, and whether or not most assets are incredibly overvalued is a whole different question.

Crypto: Getting the Message Straight

With so much noise in the background, the same principle applies across all boards. Finding trustworthy, unbiased opinions becomes relevant. We rely on a few sources, and few are more relevant than The Data Dash by Nicholas Marten. That open, honest approach to the good and bad sets the foundation for our content efforts.

Audiences need to find leaders across the board, and it’s all too easy to find sources that will tell you precisely what you want to hear. In this case, claims that crypto markets are constantly on the rise and remain unaffected by fluctuations in the global economy. Even though many decentralization promises pointed to such a scenario, there is a huge difference between what is and what could be.

As a result of many overly optimistic content creators out there, millions of dollars have been used to leverage their own positions. We’ve witnessed the very same with P2E games and other crypto assets/derivates, with the aid of popular influencers on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Popularity and trustworthiness are different metrics, even though both are gained over time.

Crypto Market: The Portuguese Case

Crypto Content: Lisbon, Portugal is one of Europe's Crypto Tax Havens

It may be no surprise that many Portuguese nationals are still suspicious of crypto assets. That, however, is slowly changing at a steady pace, with financial institutions and Governments – including the Portuguese government – bringing them forward in the agenda. Speaking of Portugal, the former crypto tax haven is now undergoing a few changes. The Portuguese Government will now tax crypto, even though many investors see this as a positive step. For starters, the 28% tax will target assets held for less than a year.

Many crypto investors have moved to Portugal much thanks to its 0% crypto tax. For the foreseeable future, this initial tax contemplation works well in favour of the hardcore crypto entrepreneurs. HODLing is now a Government backed-up plan, and any substantial gains will still see a healthy 72% tax-free income. However, with much of our team being Portuguese nationals, we’re certain this will lead to tighter/higher tax revenue in years to come. There is simply not enough room for true entrepreneurism in Portugal, regardless of what may be advertised across its borders.

The Importance of Crypto Content in Portuguese

With platforms such as Binance,, Coinbase and even already speaking Portuguese, there is still much room for growth. Other crypto platforms might still consider a more substantial move into the Portuguese market. The Asian crypto giant already makes its presence known in sports events such as the Portuguese Football League through sponsorships.

We do not doubt that crypto content has a long way to go. Over the coming years, traditional markets and investors may feel the pain of watching money getting channelled into digital assets rather than unfamiliar corporate territory. With more than 10 years in the making, we’re still in the early stages of mass adoption, development and laying the foundations for web3 and the Metaverse.

Our team remains very interested and involved in all aspects of these matters. Technology has deeply revolutionized our way of living, and we are constantly looking for the next great improvement. Creating content that is related to crypto and blockchain, in general, is simply a pleasurable part of it all. It has changed considerably from past years spent explaining it in simpler terms to friends and family.

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