iGaming Brazil

iGaming Brazil: The rise of a new market

iGaming Brazil Audiences Expect Content Which Feels Local

The iGaming Brazil industry is expanding rapidly, and the country is quickly becoming a contender for the title. With a population of over 210 million and a growing middle class, Brazil represents a significant market for online gambling and sports betting operators. This market expects to move $1.4 billion this year (2023), a growth of more than 70% against the 2020 figure.

We share further statistics that show the strength of the South American giant in the online betting market:

  • Over 450 online betting platforms.
  • 67% of the population assume to gamble in some form.
  • Around 29 million accounts have been activated on betting sites and apps.
  • Over 135,000 monthly Google searches for the best betting houses.
  • Almost all major football teams in Brazil, the favourite sport in the country, are sponsored by betting companies.

These numbers make it clear that any company in this sector needs to consider Brazil on its world business map. But despite the substantial market slice that Brazilian players constitute, there are some challenges to successful implementation on sites and apps.

One of Portuguese Content main niches is iGaming, and particularly iGaming for Brazilian audiences. There are several considerations before you kick off your adventure in Brazil iGaming marketing, but rest assured: we’ll cover some of the most important in the following lines.

Gambling content in Brazil: The challenge

iGaming Brazil Games Should be Designed Around Audience Preferences

From the simple set of data we shared before, it’s possible to clearly state that the Brazilian gambler is willing to spend his money on betting: either for fun, as a hobby, or in an attempt to make some extra income. Any iGaming Brazil presence will therefore become very appealing, particularly those with enough experience to address new players.

But reaching these punters with sportsbook content in Brazil may not be so simple. Let’s look at the challenges that we must overcome for your company to be among the region’s most popular sports betting and casino brands – or iGaming affiliate companies wishing to create a robust presence in this appealing market.

Learning How to Samba

To attract the attention of the Brazilian player, you need to do much more than speak their language. You need to deeply understand Brazil’s social and cultural aspects, allowing a genuine connection between the player and the content. That’s why the first step to success with sports betting in Brazil is hiring a team capable of translating and localizing the content for you.

This is crucial for ensuring that rials are not only accessible but also relevant and engaging to the local audience.

Players like to have an advantage

We all like to receive treats, don’t we? In the betting world, it’s no different and iGaming operators know best how to package a deal than anyone else.

To captivate the Brazilian player, many advantages and benefits must be offered, especially to entice newcomers. Offer bonuses for registration and deposit, and keep promotions running constantly. It’s important to keep an eye on the main sports competitions of the season, such as championship finals, where betting volume skyrockets.

The iGaming Brazil scene is very much linked to football, but not indifferent to casino games and promotions. The right message differs from those in Europe or the US, and players want to find they’re more valued and can trust the relationship with their gambling operators in a respectful, friendly manner.

In Tupiniquian lands, you pay with Pix

It is common for betting companies to offer several payment methods to their players, both for deposits and withdrawals. The most common are credit and debit cards, bank account transfers and payment services such as Paypal. But in Brazil, there is one method that trumps all others: it is called Pix.

Pix is a concept of funds transfer used in Brazilian territory. It is similar to the American Venmo and Faster Payments used in the UK. The advantages of Pix are so many that it is estimated that 67% of the daily transactions in Brazil are done through this system. Among the many benefits, it allows the transfer of funds instantly and without any form of cost/fee.

Therefore, it is right to say that your company needs to offer Pix as a payment method. Otherwise, you risk losing players who have chosen to play at other tables just because of this convenience.

The future of the betting market in Brazil

The Brazil iGaming Market is Expected to Grow Strong in Coming Years

Today, the Brazilian gambling market is undoubtedly one of the best investments in the world for sportsbook companies. Hundreds of international businesses already invest millions of dollars in this market. We are part of the teams helping to create that presence and witness first-hand the intensive advertising on social media, commercials and also through the sponsorship of the biggest sports clubs in the country.

One of the most significant economic attractions to investing in this industry in Brazil is the lack of specific regulations for betting websites and apps. The country has already gone through many changes in gambling laws. It even had physical casinos in the ’30s and 40’s. Currently, a 2018 law allows international websites and app gambling platforms to be offered without any kind of oversight, but that is about to change.

Recent news points to the upcoming regulation of online betting platforms providing gambling services in and out of Brazil. It is still too early to predict the impact of such economic policies on the betting scene. However, our team has extensive experience working in regulated markets, as well as promoting overseas platforms which are fully licenced by entities such as MGA or the UKGC.

Nevertheless, the forecast continues to point to a constant increase in numbers. Brazilians have a deep passion for sports and betting, and we can help you reach these audiences life few.


Brazil Crowds Enjoy Gambling and the Market Opportunities Are Only Getting Started

Brazil’s iGaming industry is full of opportunities for operators and content providers. Naturally, it presents unique challenges which we can help navigate around. By investing in experienced iGaming content providers such as ourselves, online gambling companies can create content that resonates with Brazilian players and helps them build a successful presence in this exciting and dynamic niche.

Contact us today and find a solution for your iGaming product in Brazil.

Fly Asked Questions | FAQ

Let’s look at some questions about the importance of the iGaming Brazil industry. The opportunities are present, and having a slice of the market for yourself is possible with our help. We have extensive experience in creating iGaming content for this particular geo, which means our team can assist you in creating and adapting materials for the specifics of the Brazilian audience. Let us leave you with our classic FAQ and keep in mind: we’re always at the reach of a message.

Which sport is most popular for betting?

The number one sports betting market in Brazil is football – or soccer, for Americans – with nearly 80% of the global betting numbers. In second place is basketball, followed by eSports. This last category is particularly interesting since eSports have failed to grab the expected traction in other global markets. Brazil presents a unique opportunity to create the foundations for a more robust eSpots industry.

What other types of bets does the average Brazilian attend?

Brazilians also like horse racing, boxing, MMA, and volleyball. With online betting platforms offering dozens of sports scattered across hundreds of markets, there is enough room to create new and exciting products. The most important thing to keep in mind is ensuring the player feels valued and responsible gambling mechanisms are in place.

In online casinos, which games are the most popular?

Online slots remain the global favourite, even in Brazil. All aspects of these simple casino games keep players entertained and chasing up the big wins. The second favourite casino game for Brazilians is the roulette, with Poker not too far behind.

How many Brazilians on average bet every week?

Research shows that 27 million Brazilians gamble every week, with all estimates claiming the market will keep growing at fast pace. We expect to witness a jump once the online gambling market is regulated. Even though that changes a few marketing approaches, we know how to ensure compliance and adapt accordingly.

Which main partners must a betting company have to succeed in Brazil?

To stand out among all competitors, betting companies should seek partnerships with companies of iGaming Portuguese content, iGaming translation services, iGaming localization services and financial institutions able to offer operations through the Pix system. We can help you navigate the unique particularities of the market or simply create direct content for your audience.