Inclusive Content

Inclusive Content: Why it Matters

A correct choice of words has never been more important, with inclusive content making a stand in its own right. As far as we’re concerned, our content efforts have always been about inclusion and positive branding. Each sentence and each statement is crafted in a way that is neither male nor female, non-binary, based on sexuality, religion, or belief.

There are several reasons for it. Most of our team is based in Portugal, one of the most tolerant countries in the world. We’re not particular fans of the word “tolerant” or even “tolerance”. We should have moved further towards human beings and their free choices. Tolerance has a negative connotation to it in our language – or it can have – and therefore, we steer away from terms that may lead to misunderstanding. There is a long road between tolerance and acceptance.

We also have a very concrete vision of this particular topic, which we’d like to share with you. As you may know, we’ve adopted a boutique content agency model. As a small team, we’re not short of diversity. Portuguese, Brazilian, Irish, Spanish, and French. Married with children, gay, lesbian with children. Agnostic, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Muslim. Different native languages, different perspectives, and definitely, distinct backgrounds.

It all works fantastically well. We support a sense of humour that defies these concepts and puts everything out of the box at every possible chance. Some of our inside jokes would probably shock you if shared here. Rest assured, we demystify these issues without ever disrespecting them. There is simply too much to solve in the world, and our message is one of unification and acceptance through positivity. We don’t cancel; instead, we avoid conflict and hype when it comes from a negative, biased source. Our Portuguese content team is mostly about fun, acceptance, and building the grounds for a better world.

Inclusive Content: What it is and Why it Matters

Inclusive Content - You Belong

Great writers and journalists have always managed to keep the diversity of their audience in mind. Carefully mastering every sentence and every word, they opt to bring everyone on board and attempt not to offend anyone else in the process. It’s an Herculian effort at times. You can’t please everyone all the time, but you can surely offend most people at any time – we’re big fans, by the way, Dr Peterson! As we write these words, we can’t help to think of Twitter. Its potential for free speech ends up delivering the sort of feelings that are all but positive – at least to most of our team.

So how can you remain inclusive in a world that is often oversensitive to messages and used to consuming personalized content at any time, anywhere? Well, the first thing to consider is getting rid of gender assumptions. Naturally, some topics may be directed to a specific audience, but you can and should invite others to come along. Think of each content strategy as an opportunity to reach further and mend some of the broken strings we keep witnessing.

Brands are more aware of inclusive content than ever before. Unfortunately, in an effort to become so inclusive, it also becomes all too obvious that they’re trying too hard. The efforts then seem forced, irrelevant, and perhaps borderline absurd. Sometimes, there’s very little clarity in such an approach, and we often face the ridicule of trying to fix what’s broken by exaggerating.

So the question still remains: how can you create inclusive content that sounds and feels natural? Well, first and foremost, being natural about it. Assuming there are differences in your audience – of opinion, choices, and way of life – you can and should celebrate them. While inclusive language is important, many relevant stimuli which move us are transversal. Focusing on those in particular grants you authority when delivering content, rather than trying to please everyone and perhaps missing everyone.

Woke Generation and Inclusive Content

We are no longer blind to the immense social and cultural change we’re witnessing. However, there is also a speech based on aggression and division behind some of its principles. Propelled by historically neglected groups, the woke movement achieved some great principles: attention to sexual violence, discrimination, and unacceptable social behaviour very often based on status quo. Following some of the very same principles as the #metoo movement, it shook the pillars of society. Yet, the question poses: are we better off today than we were ten years ago?

When it comes to shaking the status quo, there is no soft way about it. No kind words can, apparently, enforce enough change so that we can indeed build a more equitable society. We don’t see such a ferocious attitude on European soil, and though we’re not blind either to the growing influence of hate speech, there simply is too much fraction amongst human beings everywhere.

So we step back a little and remind you of the importance of inclusive content. It should mend, bond, and influence positive action. Surely there are issues worldwide that may require more substance in their response, but we’re wordsmiths, not a political movement. Reminding people of the importance of peace, respect for others, and inclusive communities is not political – it reflects basic, decent human principles.

The Time to Deliver Inclusive Content is Now

Inclusive Content Production

In this enormous effort to make brands more inclusive, where are the previously mentioned principles? We can see many celebrities being cancelled over rightfully-so behaviour. We know that Pride month has every single company changing their logo colours on social media. And we even get to read masterfully crafted Press Releases promising allegiance or cutting cords with those that may or may not reflect the audience’s – not brand – values.

So, where does this leaves us? Are we truly promoting the base values we should? Can brands afford to make more human statements, influence people to be better and kinder, and promote peace all at once? Or is the overall system too complex, too interdependent on several metrics that go way beyond human value?

There is surely more than ever a possibility to deliver inspirational messages. That can and should invoke change for the better. To remind people of the ugly and beautiful and ensure it’s all in their hands. We’re always up to that challenge – one that creates content for the human heart and not simply to fill the metrics. One that can leave a positive mark in the world and not something washed away by the next product release.

An Inclusive View From an Inclusive Country

We’re by no means insensitive to the many social issues that occur in the countries we live in. While Portugal tops the ranks of the Global Peace Index, our friends in Brazil haven’t been able to experience that same ability to live in peace with their family, friends, and loved ones. The degradation of political speech and violent uprising to support such causes is only one of the key factors. Therefore, as a team, we refuse to be part of that game.

While we keep working hard towards finding new and better ways to make our content services more inclusive, we don’t want to push the boundaries of respectful, peaceful interaction with our environment. Again, we remind our readers that our team prides itself on its natural diversity – we’re not filling quotas. We just happen to be people like you who share a common interest in their passion.

There is much to learn from the way our society works. And there are surely far too many dangers across the lines of fragile democracies – as they all tend to be. Now more than ever, with such challenges ahead, we may be tempted to get on board with speeches that speak out to our fears and our insecurities. Our advice is to do your best to remain focused on building a world that lives up to your child’s dreams. We’ll surely be here doing our part.

We hope you can respect our views, even if you disagree. We’re always open to dialogue, and our perception of the world is very much shaped by the tolerant, peaceful society where most of us live. Our friends and family come from various cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs, and we constantly celebrate our so-called differences. We also find each wearing the very same shoes: starting from a place of love and respect and carrying a big smile on our faces. If these principles resonate with you, contact our team and ask us how we can help make your content more inclusive today.

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