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Portuguese Translators | How We Make the Difference

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Portuguese translators are somewhat easy to find. There are tons of professional freelancers for hire online in content mills such as UpWork and Freelancer.com. We know it because a few members of our team started there, years ago. Flexible projects allow us enough variety in terms of business needs, styles and complexity.

Every professional is faced with a decision: to remain unchanged or evolve. With that in mind, our team decided that the Portuguese translation panorama was – and remains – extremely competent. We wanted to respect those principles but act as a team instead of as individual professionals. The result is a more robust approach to businesses that require our specific set of skills.

Are you looking for someone who’s worked with a global brand such as Toyota and Unilever? You’ve found us. Do you need to offer a Portuguese language option to your online casino customers? We’ve done it before. Perhaps you have a medium business and you want to reach new users in Brazil or Portugal. We look after those projects, too. Our team is solid, yet we remain flexible and enjoy working with global brands as much as we love working with a small studio somewhere – quality, high-performing content is what we love doing the most!

How Our Portuguese Translators Work

Portuguese Translation Services

We’re often approached by businesses based in the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom and Malta who ask us if we can help translate existing, English-based content into Portuguese. If a project is highly specific, we’ll contact someone in our wider network and work together with them – no hassle for you, and no extra cost beyond what we agreed upfront.

We’ll never start working on something without understanding your business, your needs and your goals. Sometimes, Portuguese translation projects are urgent, and in such case, we can expedite our process to deliver within a few working days – no big deal as our team is used to work under pressure, but we prefer gentle and timely approaches.

We use standard translation software and have it all reviewed by a proofreader within the team. Since we’ve known each others’ work for a while, these processes are usually short, accurate and ready before ETD. Blame us if you can, but we are punctual and rather be early than late. That’s only one of the small perks of working with us.

If you don’t expect anything too fancy, we can deliver basic human translation on a Microsoft Word document or an Excel sheet. It won’t be the first time, and definitely not the last either. Sometimes, the easiest way works best for specific needs. We’ll send out our work for your appreciation and ask you for feedback. Any edits or adjustments are on us, and we’ll only invoice you once you’re happy with the end result.

Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

Portuguese Translation Rates and Projects

You want to know the cost of translating content to Portuguese. As you might expect, it depends very much on a few key aspects and all of which are related to:

a) Your source content and its specificity;

b) Any extra requirements (SEO, Software, Specific and highly technical niches);

c) How urgently you need it done;

Let’s assume your source content is pretty straightforward. If you don’t require SEO services on the target content and have at least a few days so we can have it ready for you. In such cases, our translation rates start at an average of 0.15€/per word. Take this as a starting point and low estimate, since occasional projects prefer to think about translation on a “per word basis” and we like to help them plan costs ahead.

Project fees are very welcome and available, and they can include further services and specifics across our range of expertise. We’re open to negotiating a deal and rate that is comfortable for you. If we can’t reach an agreement, we’re happy to share the contact of freelancers who translate content into Portuguese to get you started. No hard feelings: we are truly here to help!

Our results have been nothing short of extraordinary. All thanks to our professional Portuguese translators who approach each new client and project as if they owned the business themselves. With extreme care, professionalism and unparalleled dedication, they keep making our business look great and clients coming back to us for their content marketing needs.

If these values resonate with you, get in touch. Our team always gets super excited to learn about new prospects and needs, while immediately thinking about the best way to do their very best.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Still unsure if our Portuguese translation services are the right choice? We’ve got your back. A classic frequently asked questions section is the answer to all your prayers and the deal-sealing you were after. Check if your doubt is replaced by clarity and in any case, let us know: we’d really love to hear from you.

Can you handle large volumes of content and translate them into Portuguese?

Yes. Even extremely large volumes of content find solutions when working with our team. We’ve helped build entire domains, thousands of articles, and endless strings of existing content. Let us know your expected volume and we’ll give you an estimate on time, cost and deliver everything according to your schedule.

Are your Portuguese translators qualified to work for global brands?

Yes. We have experience working alongside e-commerce brands that everyone knows, casino operators, game publishers and several other industries. Most importantly, we know the fine lines of Portuguese in Brazil and Portugal, and place that experience at your service. Even if you have a small business and only need a simple translation task done, you benefit from the very same professional level of customer service.

How long does it take for you to translate 10,000 words into Portuguese?

It depends on your urgency, but we cover a similar volume in 4-5 working days when it’s not urgent, and for more specific projects we can expedite delivery applying different processes which involve more team members. Again, whatever your needs, we have a solution.

Do you translate content into European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese?

Both. European and Brazilian Portuguese are two completely different languages, and although we understand each other clearly when working with content we rely on native professionals to make it sound natural. If you’re unsure about what variant of Portuguese you’re after, we can help you define that in seconds. Perhaps you’ll end up catering to two markets instead of one.