Content Services Prices, Rates & Packages

Content Management Price List Portuguese Content

Starting rates: €100/hour*

Packages start at €2.000/month (30 hours with 2 dedicated team members)



Content Writing Price List Portuguese Content

Starting rates: €80/hour*

Packages start at €2.000/month with up to 4* x professionally optimized Blog Posts, including high-quality image curation (professional image bank or pro AI-generated account)

* estimate of 2.500/words per piece for a total of 10,000 words/month

For content writing implementation through CMS (such as WordPress), refer to Content Management hourly rate or ask us for a quote

Simple content requests: €0.20/per word

Copywriting Price List at Portuguese Content

Starting rates: €80/hour*

Packages start at €2.500/month and include up to 4 x pages optimized for conversion

Price per page projects average €100 – €1.000 depending on client specifics and time frame

Localization and Translation Price List Portuguese Content

Starting rates: €80/hour*

Packages start at €2.000 (30 hours)

Easy “per word rate” of €0.20

* pay as you go model

What our content rates include

The price for content services remains very subjective. We want to remain faithful to our principles and therefore, give you a clearer picture of what to expect. Take the information on this page as merely indicative. Your business is unique in dimension and requirements, therefore, we adjust our services to your expectations and budget.

All these rates take into consideration the various stages of your project. We don’t charge for initial setups, and are happy to discuss a budget you’re comfortable with. Even the simplest of content requests have at least two team members looking after the several production and QA (Quality Assurance) stages. It’s no wonder our clients keep coming back: we don’t simply “create” content – we work alongside you to elevate your business’s digital marketing.

Most importantly, we onboard many individual, small business owners and look after their needs with the same level of professionalism as we look after big brands.

By opting for a Boutique Content Agency, every aspect of our content production is tailored to meet your needs. We will always discuss these step by step with you before presenting a final quote. If you want to simplify, our hourly rates include very much of the same steps as package deals, and you use as much as you’d like to.

We charge a small, 10% initial fee, as retainer once our clients agree to project quotes.

"Easy service, transparent billing, fast and attentive to our requests. Very efficient and a delight to work with."
Joseph Kilbride igaming Head of Content
Joseph Kilbride
Head of Content | Igaming Affiliate Industry
"The team optimized my small business's website and in few weeks, visits started to grow. Plenty of valuable advice outside the scope of work - brilliant!"
Louise McDowell Marketing Manager
Louise McDowell
Marketing Manager | E-commerce Business Owner

What Payment Methods do You Accept?

We work with either a 15-day or 30-day payment period. Longer periods will require a larger retainer percentage (50%), paid in advance. Long-term clients have more flexible payment methods. If you have any doubts regarding payment terms, contact us and we’ll happily discuss them on a case-per-case basis.

** We are fully VAT registered in the EU (Portuguese Content is based in Portugal)
*** We accept payments via Bank Transfer (SEPA), PayPal, Crypto (Stablecoins)
**** Payments can be done in EUR, USD, Crypto, and other major currencies