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Private Jet Content: How We Do It

Private Jet Parked in the Airfield on a Rainy Day
Private Jet | Thank you to Niklas Jonasson

Private jet charter companies are one of our favourite niches. You would probably not believe it if we told you, but at least three members of our team have worked in the aviation business for many years. Usually, those who work in this specific field share one common trait: a passion for flying.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that aviation – whether private or commercial – has a soft spot in our hearts. We have endless fun stories but also a solid level of technical knowledge. We can easily translate it through the many hours of professional experience in our file when we don’t. Most of us know how painful slots and delays can be, what an ATC strike in France can do, how long a queue for de-icing might take and how complex technical issues can become. Most importantly, we know safety procedures, how and why they’re applied and can reason with a large audience that prefers to think otherwise.

But what does it all mean to your private jet aviation business? How relevant can that know-how be when you mix two worlds – yours and that of professional content producers? We’ll let you know all about it in the following lines. Don’t miss our rather short, incisive guide on how we look after private jet content.

Private Jets: Your Competitors Know The Secrets Too

Private Jet Business Competitors | Thank you to UX Indonesia

What are you bringing different to the table? We’ll assume from the start that a great website is already in place. Sharp-looking, covering a range of services, aircraft types and even destinations. All of those are great and constitute the bare minimum nowadays. Your clients wouldn’t expect anything less.

You’ll most likely have a flight cost calculator, a rather basic plugin and the necessary T&C denying liability. You want your audience to have an idea of how much your service costs, but you’ll surely upsell a few extra services along the way. We understand you and realize there are many great ways to grow your business.

But when it comes to content, how much is a good measure? Well, our team knows, and we’re happy to share it with you. Whether you wish to implement it yourself or trust our content services – even though our company name might put you off, we can assure you that all the previous private jet companies we worked with ordered content in English – it’s ultimately up to you.

You might not want to forget that many of your competitors already rely on a professional approach to their content needs. The more articulate that approach is, the better your odds are to outpace them. There isn’t a one-fits-all solution, but we can help you cover the distinct angles while you grow.

Private Jet Content That Sells: How Can You Implement It?

Private Jet Content Services | Thank you to Campaign Creators

First and foremost, no amount of experience producing content can overlap your knowledge of your own business. Share what you can with your content team and where you want to see it go in the following months/years. A general roadmap is very helpful and just as valuable as any technical implementation from our side.

Perhaps you’re not happy with your current content. Or perhaps you are but wish to add some more flair to it. Is the current TOV (Tone of Voice) working for you, or do you want to expand on it? Do you follow a branding guide, or do you believe it may be time to start building one? And regarding content, even the simplest of approaches can prove to be effective.

A private aviation blog sells your business far more than most can imagine. Especially when it’s well-curated, appealing, and, ideally, distinct. It all starts with a carefully crafted content strategy and plan implementation. Planned months ahead, it allows for the opportunity to deliver far better content than the one you find in many of your competitors.

Don’t take it straight out of our words. Numbers are far better, and we keep track of our performance in the several platforms we work with. We personally manage success through the unique, friendly relationships we establish with our customers. They are at the heart of everything we do. But regardless of how good our relationship is, what we wish to witness is growth and continued success.

That said, how should you proceed if you have a private jet rental platform and wish to become more relevant? We’ll let you know step-by-step in the following section. Shall we?

Private Jet Content: How-to Guide

There’s nothing that sells better than great content. But even that concept may be too subjective until you see organic traffic grow. After all, it’s a measure of several metrics, including well-crafted writing, SEO and good old link-building. Over time, that push will make Google notice your platform further and make it more relevant in search results.

So how do we get there?

  • Content strategy. Avoid hiring a freelancer and ordering a few articles on and off. It’s better than doing nothing, but you can use your resources better and still apply a cost-effective solution. A solid content strategy looks at your main competitors, case studies, audience, intention, and market-specific requirements. We like to plan content at least 3-4 months ahead, ensuring we can implement quality and obtain better results.
  • Content writers. Remember when we told you about passion? Writing takes plenty of it, and having the necessary experience in a specific niche helps. Private aviation is as specific as they come, particularly when dealing with the unique audience your business wishes to attract. Be too spirited and it may come off the wrong way. Attempt to be too unapproachable and you won’t find the soft spot in your customers’ hearts.
  • SEO. User intent matters, but we build content that answers human issues and pain points. There isn’t a single piece of content that doesn’t take into consideration the best SEO practices, but only as a secondary layer to improve your results. Quality content is still the main factor.
  • Link-building. Every business loves to find someone who refers them in a positive way. It usually takes months until you see the result of that experiment, but we particularly enjoy building authority through well-established websites. Knowing your niche, we also know what domains are more relevant to your audience. Over time, that returns domain authority, visitors, and conversion.
  • Performance monitoring. We can evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Some of our work is repurposing or improving existing content. This ultimate step also allows us to adjust our content strategy for the next few rounds. Fine-tuning is part of our private jet content services.

Private Jet Content: Can You Help?

Private Jet Content Ideas and Assistance | Thank you to kvalifik

We sure can. Let us mention it again: we love aviation. Knowing the small details of each company is something that fills our hearts with pride. Helping expand that influence is, by all means, our main mission. Whether you need assistance in finding areas on where to improve or simply want to focus further in the business side while someone trustworthy looks after content, we’ve got your back.

We extend our invitation to any aviation businesses who wish to benefit from relevant content. Defining new areas of influence is always exciting for us, and we’ve had extensively positive feedback in our previous projects. As a result, we’re constantly open to new partnerships and apply the same principles that brought growth to the various fields of business we worked with.

Contact our team for a stress-free, friendly chat about jets and we’ll let you know whether we’re the right fit or if there’s someone else we can recommend. More likely than not, we’ll hand out a few free suggestions regarding your current content, with ways to improve it.

Until then, safe flights and a happy 2023 are the wishes of all of our team. In the meantime, don’t miss our unmissable Frequently Asked Questions section regarding content services for private jet operators.

How much do private jet content services cost?

It depends widely on your needs, but we can certainly tell you that blog posts for private jet services range between 300-500€. These vary in dimension and technical requirements. Ideally, we prefer opting for a long-form approach as it delivers the best results. Expect anything in the range of 2,000 words, well-curated images, relevant links and CMS implementation, ideally through WordPress. Not forgetting SEO, naturally.

How many articles should I post a month to obtain ideal results?

We refer to two articles a month as the bare minimum, four in the optimal range and anything above that volume for those aiming to grow faster or take over a specific competitor. Short-form articles are not recommended as they allow for lower engagement and can sometimes do more harm than good.

How long do you need to deliver the first task for a private jet business?

The answer depends very much on your availability. We are often available to meet on the same day you reach us, and once we understand your needs, we can elaborate on a comprehensive approach. That may include suggestions from our side or a take on yours, a budget range, and several minor considerations. Once everything is agreed upon, we can start production straight away and have our first deliverable in only a few days. Simultaneously, we will ideally start developing a content plan adjusted to your needs.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We are an EU-based business registered in an individual name, so you’ll find the same easy process as you would when dealing with a freelancer. International bank transfers work perfectly, as do other methods, including the very modern USDT Crypto transfer. And before you ask, yes, you get an invoice for all payments sent ahead. Payment terms usually comprehend a period of 15-30 days, but we’ll happily take on a shorter term.

Do you also do Social Media for private jet operators?

We can, indeed, and one that is adapted to your budget and expectations. Social Media is a big deal in the private jet niche, and we like to focus on both Instagram and LinkedIn for increased exposure. In articulation with our other content services, you can, in fact, build a stronger network to advertise your service to the right audience.

Where are your clients based?

Even though Portuguese Content offers expertise in the Portuguese-speaking markets, many of our clients are actually from other countries. Canada, Dubai, the UK, Israel, Malta and the United States are some of the markets where our team delivers content. We count on native English colleagues to ensure our content meets the highest standards, and all private jet businesses we worked with were, unsurprisingly, aimed at an English-speaking audience.

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